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like snow on the ocean

Umi / F / 27. This blog includes (but is not limited to): Homestuck, Prince of Tennis, Tenimyu, Hatoful Boyfriend, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and various other fandoms. I enjoy writing fic; most of my works are on AO3, but a few will probably be only here.
Jul 22 '14


ข้าอยากด้ายยยย อยากจะเอามาห้อยยย // งอแง


159 notes (via silverwind & ibuntamarui)Tags: ATOBE MELON THOUGH THERE IS *NO WAY* THAT WAS NOT INTENTIONAL i mean they know they must know also let's talk for a minute about the significance of melons in japan melons are all but revered as the 'king of fruits' fancy ones cost upwards of 10000 yen so it's a natural fit for atobe because melons = money and luxury with takatora though i think it's less about the money (though that does apply to him of course) but more about the melon as a symbol of being the best the world has to offer ryoma CHOSE the melon to represent takatora and it is a very significant choice especially when coupled with the catchphrase for the melon lockseed it's essentially ryoma marking him as the chosen one the best of all men and the only man worthy of the power of helheim and hasn't that worked out so well for him ANYWAY THOUGH the point is that even if it's a coincidence it kind of isn't because the things that melons represent are so suited to both characters WOW I JUST WENT ON A HUGE TAG RAMBLE ABOUT MELONS MAYBE I SHOULD GO TO BED prince of tennis kamen rider gaim for anyone who's still reading this: I made that driver for YOU

Jul 20 '14


i love animal motifs

12,780 notes (via homeboyhell & hawberries)Tags: ABSOLUTE PERFECTION there could not be a better depiction of how rei and nagisa view each other free! iwatobi swim club

Jul 20 '14


I couldn’t help but draw swim boys in pajamas at Fanime because they were always on my mind 24/7. I also really missed cuddling my killer whale and dolphin dolls and had to koala hug a hotel pillow for the whole weekend

Also, thanks to everyone that stopped by to say Hi! Sorry for being super embarrassing and screaming eternal summer at all the people, but I really enjoyed Fanime and I can’t wait for AX next! >u<

4,372 notes (via peachymints)Tags: I LOVE THESE SO MUCH OMG what good babies free! iwatobi swim club

Jul 20 '14

(Source: fangasming)

16,361 notes (via warattari & fangasming)Tags: it's official: nitori is a duckie! *u* gosh that means he and nagisa are both aquatic birds 8D also whale shark sousuke makes me so happy free! iwatobi swim club free! animated gifs

Jul 20 '14


Ryouma, you shithead!

35 notes (via silverwind & alivealife)Tags: this is just to say FUCK YOU RYOMA literally the only thing I have left to hope for in Gaim at this point is for Ryoma's karma to catch up with him in a spectacular fashion i'm not even watching anymore but i await the news of his demise eagerly i wish him a horrible and completely deserved death negativity whoops kamen rider gaim

Jul 19 '14


Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: teasing the line between official art and fan art since 2013.  

15,416 notes (via miaoujones & milk-coconut)Tags: every single one of these is perfect free! iwatobi swim club

Jul 19 '14


There is so much angst in anticipation of angst over Free! Eternal Summer on my dash right now…

I kind of feel like a lot of you are up in crowsnests shouting, “Iceberg! Straight ahead!” while I’m down in steerage, dancing and swinging myself around to the sweet, sweet music.

 i get that we’re going to crash and there will be mayhem and devastation everywhere and not all of us will survive and since i’m in steerage there’s a good chance i’ll be one of the ones who doesn’t make it but right now i’m having a hell of a time :D free! eternal summer

Miaou, I will happily join you in steerage to party until the inevitable catastrophe comes, let’s do this thing.

3 notes (via miaoujones)Tags: free! iwatobi swim club sure there's angst looming on the horizon but right now everything is awkward rin/rei friendship and silly bisexual otters

Jul 19 '14
I&#8217;m so glad
I&#8217;m so glad my lemon tree finally grew

I’m so glad

I’m so glad my lemon tree finally grew

Tags: umi plays ac:nl fruitful lemony lemons get a loan and use the lemon tree as collateral i wish i WAS a lemon

Jul 19 '14

50 notes (via tenimyu2nd)Tags: sometimes i can't believe we're supposed to just accept that kimisawa yuki is a real person i mean i've seen the man in person and i still don't totally believe he's real other things I don't totally believe: that someone had the brilliance to put him in tenimyu that we got to see his naked ass on TV that he was in that terrible terrible film you know the one but most of all i don't believe that he's as perfect as the camera makes him look BECAUSE HOW CAN HE BE I MEAN JUST LOOK AT HIM

Jul 17 '14


its amazing how perfectly momo fits to be an otter.

12,607 notes (via butleronduty & banakiri)Tags: momo isn't even my fave in terms of personality but HE'S AN OTTER WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO free! iwatobi swim club